EUDERMINE Revitalizing Essence 125 ml (4.2 oz.)

EUDERMINE Essence 125 ml
EUDERMINE Essence 125 ml
Item# S10019

Product Description

So that your skin blooms today, so that it is more beautiful, more luminous tomorrow. Shiseido Eudermine, a treatment lotion, pure, transparent, supple to the touch, impregnating the skin, ideally conditioning it, revitalizing it with total safety, smoothing it to perfection, making it bloom. Subtly perfumed with an accent of rain-washed peonies, which seems to relax your entire being. From the moment the lotion is applied, the perfume disappears completely, leaving a mark of purity on the skin. Your epidermis radiates, its softness evoking that of a flower petal.

125 ml / 4.2 fl. oz. 200 ml / 6.7 fl. oz.