HotSpa Pro Foot Spa Bath Plus with InfraRed Heat

HotSpa Professional Foot Bath Plus with InfraRed Heat
Item# HOT61355

Product Description

HotSpa® Pro FootBath Plus w/Infra Red Heat

- *Off/Soak - relaxing cool soak to feet, hands and elbows.
- *Heat/Massage - comforting warm massage for soothing soak.
- *Infrared Heat - infrared heat pad for concentrated warmth.
- *Massage - interchangeable arch plates in the tub base provide two massage options with VibraNodes® to focus gentle acupressure or Stimu-Roll® massage rollers for concentrated all over massage to the arches and soles of the feet.

- Massage center with three attachments.
- Vibra-Nodes®, Acupressure and Stimu-Roll®.
- Massagers Interchangeable arch plates in tub base.
- Vibra-Nodes® and Stimu-Roll® massage rollers.
- Extra deep tub for hands or feet.
- Fits up to a man's size 12. Easy-to-read fill line.
- Built in translucent hood for maximum heat retention and splash protection.
- Large tub feet for non-slip support.
- Easy to carry.
- Dimension: 17.25" L (43.8cm) x 14.5" W (36.8cm) x 8" H(20.3cm)
- One Year Manufacturer Warranty.