Shiseido Future Solution LX Intensive Firming Contour Serum 50 ml

Intensive Firming Contour Serum
Intensive Firming Contour Serum
Item# 39237

Product Description

An intensive serum for the face and neck that helps give skin a firmer look and provides an immediate tightening effect for smooth-looking, supple skin and a more sculpted appearance. Long-lasting intense moisture minimizes the appearance of fine lines.

For all skin types. Dermatologist-tested.

- Contains the SkingenecellEnmei, Shiseido’s proprietary, youth pro-longing ingredient.
- Formulated with Licorice Extract and Okura Extract for a more youthfully, tightened look when used along with Shiseido’s regenerating massage exercises.
- Japanese botanicals Uji Green Tea Extract, Oshima Sakura Leaf Extract and Hokkaido Angelica Root Extract help promote the appearance of renewed vitality.

The next morning:
- 95% felt it deeply replenished, infusing skin with moisture
- 94% felt it makes skin smooth
- 89% felt it helps tighten skin
- 84% felt it makes skin resilient and firm

After 4 weeks:
- 98% felt it improves sagging or loose skin
- 96% felt it helps add dimension for a sculpted look 94% felt it makes skin more youthful-looking (Tested by 101 women)

For Face:
Use every morning and night, after balancing skin. Pump once into the palm of your hand and apply the serum to the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. Smooth the serum gently over the face, including the jawline, moving from the center of the face outward.

For Neck:
Pump once into the palm of your hand and using both palms, blend into the skin in upward movements starting from the base of the neck.

Additional massage techniques
Lift up massage: (use a bit of serum to help your fingers glide easily over skin)
1. Apply upward pressure with both thumbs, starting below the chin and ending below the ears. Repeat 6 times. 2. Place four fingers of each hand on your chin and move them upward toward the temples so both palms of hands fit over the cheeks, and then lift them. Repeat 6 times.

Lift up exercises: (open your eyes wide while looking in the mirror)
1. Pull your lips to the left to stretch the right cheek, and hold for 10 seconds. 2. Pull the lips to the right to stretch the left cheek, and hold for 10 seconds

- Formulated with Licorice Extract and Okura Extract to help give skin a tightened look with youthful resilience when used with Shiseido’s regenerating message.
- SkingenecellEnmei helps visibly restore and prolong skin’s beauty and reduce the appearance of signs of aging. Rubus Leaf Extract helps improve the look of sagging.
- Uji Green Tea Extract helps provide antioxidant benefits. Oshima Sakura Leaf Extract helps promote a fresh, bright look.
- Hokkaido Angelica Root Extract helps reveal skin with a youthful appearance.