Doori Jasaengyeon Herbal Deep Cleansing Foam

Jasaengyeon Herbal Cleansing Foam
Jasaengyeon Herbal Cleansing Foam
Item# 80590

Product Description

This deep cleansing foam removes the toxins and residue trapped deep in the skin to recover the skin's natural clear and glowing complexion. It also promotes blood circulation of the skin to solve the basic cause of toxin and residue accumulation while providing the skin with ample nutrients of Oriental medicine.

Active Ingredients:
- Donguibogam (patented anti-aging compound)
- Polygomum Multiflorum Thunb: Makes skin smooth and firm.
- Lycium Chinese Miller Root: Has a skin astringent function and prevents freckles and brown spots.
- Steamed Rehmannia Glutinosa: Prevents the keratinization of skin and increases skin elasticity.
- Liriope Platyphylla, Asparagus Cochinchinensis: Prevents skin dryness, and helps to restore moisture.
- Ginseng: Revitalizes skin and recovers energy.