Poshe Faux Real Kit

Poshe Faux Real Trio Kit
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Product Description

Contains Super Fast Drying Topcoat, Fast Drying Basecoat, and Polish Reviver.

The Real Deal is right here. This cool Poshe'™ Faux Real kit is the perfect way to show off your hands and nails no matter what the occasion. With all your nail essentials right here, do you need anything else? Keep for yourself, or give as a gift, either way your nails are in for a treat.

Packed full of everything you want including Ridge Fillers, UV inhibitors for non-yellowing, and more, these are the best nail care products on the market! No Faking! Our products leave out the harmful things like Formadehyde and Toluene. This Faux Real trio offers real benefits like super high gloss, chip resistance, and fast drying nails and they're long lasting. Whether you are on the road, or right at home, these perfect essentials are all you need for your nails. Faux Real.