Senscience Smooth Shampoo (Frizzy, Brittle and Unruly Hair)

Senscience Smooth Shampoo 33 oz.<BR>
Senscience Smooth Shampoo 33 oz.
Item# S111

Product Description

Works from the inside out and outside in, bonding to the very structure of hair. Leaves hair silky, superbly manageable, brilliant and protected. For unruly, curly, unmanageable hair. Thoroughly cleanses the hair and scalp leaving it smooth and silky. Combination of proteins and moisturizers strengthen and condition the hair from inside out, leaving hair manageable and full of shine. Developed specifically to tame curly, frizzy and rough textured hair keeping it smooth and sleek. Forms a smoothing and protective layer on the hair surface, providing shine and sleekness.

Size: 33.8oz