IBD Splash of Color Color Gel Collection

Splash of Color Gel Collection
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Product Description

We all know that nails are accessories and with ibd's NEW "Splash of Color" Collection you can add that little something to complete and complement every look. Are you a "Color Addict"? We've got the colors you crave. You can be a little "Feisty" in the "Late Nite" and wear that bold red. Go ahead "Flaunt It"! This gel polish collection has a hint of sparkle that will ensure that you are "Stylin" at every occasion. Do you "Like It" or "Love It"? You'll love the colors and the 'bling' that comes with it-a faux diamond toe ring. Make a splash!

Collection Contain:
1 - Color Addict 0.25 oz. gel
1 - Feisty 0.25 oz. gel
1 - Flaunt It 0.25 oz. gel
1 - Late Nite 0.25 oz. gel
1 - Like It, Love It 0.25 oz. gel
1 - Stylin 0.25 oz. gel
5 - Nail Wipes
1 - Cleanser Plus 1 oz.
1 - Intense Seal
1 - Bonder 0.25 oz.
1 - Durable Aluminum Case