Poshe Super Fast Dry Topcoat 2 oz. Refill + 1/2 oz.

Super Fast Topcoat 2 oz+0.5 oz
Item# PS1980
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Product Description

No Formaldehyde , No Toluene, No Nitrocellulose!

5 Time Allure Magazine Winner For Best Topcoat!

New Generation Topcoat! Dries manicure completely in 5 to 6 minutes! Dries to the touch in 1 minute. Highest gloss of any product on the market. With 2 UV Inhibitors, it won't turn yellow, even in tanning beds. Chip Resistant. Self-Leveling and non-dragging.

Directions: Always apply over a basecoat or fashion color polish. Let air dry at room temperature, do not use with a UV or heated dryer or with a fan.